Classy way to collect debt in a professional style

Giving loans to those in need is a noble deed. However, sometimes we get confused when we have to collect.

However, how to collect debt as clearly as the debt collector is clearly not appropriate to be applied to friends and family who are in debt. There is still a better way. Here are some ways to collect debt that can be done properly.


Go directly to the witness

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The simplest way to collect debt is to come in person with a witness. Witnesses can come from friends who are known by borrowers of money. If the debtor is a family member, bring the borrower the elder so that there are witnesses who strengthen when making a collection.

This method is not an intimidating effort, but rather to prove that you have tried to collect in a good way while witnessed by someone you trust. That way, there are no accusations or prejudices against you.


Provide relief if needed

debt collection

The purpose of giving loans is to help the difficulties of relatives. However, sometimes there are also those who forget to pay off or seem to want to break away from responsibility. If so, first confirm the reason. Is it because he has financial difficulties or something else.

If the conditions are indeed very difficult, it would not hurt you to provide relief in the form of an extension of time or a deduction of debt. The hope in this way can ease the burden.


Give a Clear Maturity


Sometimes, people who are in debt may forget about the due date of the debt. To refresh your memory, you can provide written notes related to the due date.

You can also make a written agreement accompanied by certain implications if the borrower breaks his promise. Make sure that the agreement letter does not harm both parties.

With the written agreement along with the agreed consequences, the borrower will respond more seriously in terms of paying off the debt according to the agreement due date.


Keep clear about your needs

Keep clear about your needs

There are certain moments that you can actually use to collect debt. How to bill like this is done indirectly to insinuate the borrower.

For example, you can explain having the intention to send children to school so that it requires no small cost. It can also be insinuated subtly because you have to repair a leaky house.

In this way, it is hoped that the borrower will show good intentions to repay immediately.


Bring mediators from security figures or officers

Bring mediators from security figures or officers

This is the last way that can be done if in fact it has been repeatedly billed, but still has not completed its obligations as well.

This time you can bring mediators from community leaders or security forces witnessed by the head of the local RT or RW to resolve the issue of accounts receivable debt as a family. The hope, by bringing these figures, there is a deterrent effect so that soon fulfill its obligations.

Basically, debt problems should not be delayed. We can apply the debt collection method as above, but every effort should be made without hurting the feelings of those who owe. On the other hand, the borrower must commit to repaying the debt. That way, friendship and family relationships are still well established.